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Beijing Jun'an Hotel is located in Beijing's South Second Ring Road, with Beijing Tiantan Park (East Gate), Hongqiao Market, and the National Sports Bureau within easy reach. The transportation is convenient.

Beijing Jun'an Hotel has various types of comfortable rooms. The rooms are equipped with broadband Internet access, central air conditioning for cooling and heating, and hot water baths for 24 hours, which can meet the needs of different guests.

The hotel has 4 large and small conference rooms, a large conference room and a multifunctional hall, which can receive various banquets and entertainment activities. The small meeting room is clean and tidy and can accommodate small meetings of 20 to 40 people. It is an ideal place for you to hold small and medium meetings in Beijing.

The hotel's catering department offers a variety of fine cuisine, mainly Sichuan cuisine, supplemented by Shandong and Cantonese cuisine. Excellent cooking, unique flavor, fine processing, and reasonable price. There is karaoke in the exquisite private room, so you can relax and enjoy the delicious food.

In addition, in order to facilitate your business activities and life, Beijing Jun'an Hotel also provides a number of services such as merchandise department, air ticket sales, travel agencies, beauty salons, and one-day trips to Beijing. Best place to stay.
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  • lavender82
    House is very large, hot meets so
  • gooing
    Good location, convenient transportation. distance to Tiananmen Square, Temple of heaven and other attractions are very close. food shop near lot delicious. this hotel next time.
  • ditto
    Overall nice, convenient
  • batistuta6
    Transportation is convenient, is a quiet environment, meals are convenient, service was good, next time will stay
  • EjoyGO
    That's good
  • caocao1012
    Nice restaurant downstairs is not good to eat, too expensive, and radio and television are one, not easy, old problems
  • elva314
    The hotel is quite good, the environment is clean, the traffic is convenient.
  • andreas
    Nice, but facilities generally, curtains, towels and other not very good from the Metro station 10 minutes away walking, OK
  • buddyyuan
    Hotel location is very good, located in the city center, around the Metro station, from the Temple of heaven close. the rooms was good, although the rooms are a little small, but overall very high cost performance
  • e00697673
    It's OK!
  • caiguodong31
    Room facilities of health very good location close to Metro, about a 10-minute walk to the, but no heat, we stayed for a few days just in time to cool, slightly cold at night time, but has to be the central air conditioning of the room, the roof is warm. services are also very good, good sound insulation, can give praise.
  • bigbirdbo
    Nice, very close to the snack bar, dad said to live comfortable than Wangfujing
  • Jasonnie
    Outside the hotel in addition to the equipment and some old, others good.
  • lu2240
    Is close to East Gate of the Temple of heaven and the subway, old hotels, bed only 1 meter.
  • big_bubu
    Very good and convenient, from the bus station, very close to the Metro, very good, the rooms are very large
  • e00089610
    Samsung facilities, service, here also selected next time.
  • amanda7736
    Hotel is really nice, very clean, near the East Gate of the Temple of heaven, the traffic is very convenient, very close to the Metro.
  • patriot
    Very close to the Metro, is also good. Will vote for him next time
  • m00021933
    Hotel location, service was good, location air conditioning hot and cold
  • fxincn
    Good location, surrounding traffic, easy to eat
  • e01085378
    Good transportation is very convenient, the rooms are very clean, is the outdated equipment.
  • Ambitiousguy
    Compared with Inns, no advantage of environmental health, the price was expensive ... but no hair dryer in the room.
  • naygn
    Very old Hotel TV bad
  • gaofei0104
    An older hotel, but the traffic, food was still a convenient! this price in Beijing was OK!
  • cx1229
    All right
  • stan091028
    Too general
  • gt860610
    Rooms, wooden floor, enough space, coffee table and chairs, bathroom with hairdryer and toiletries, room was a bit cold, the door is not very good, old alarm sound, service was good, and soon sent someone to repair
  • sarae
    The traffic is very convenient, the surrounding lots of new stores opening, restaurant and bar is very convenient.
  • iat410
  • Edgar0409
    Hotel is located very close to the Metro and bus stations, convenient, very convenient trip. the ointment, triple standard rooms and a bed, a little crowded.
  • logto
    Convenient, easy to eat. hardware also.
  • babu99
    Good service and facility Qi
  • answer5
    Hotel is near the Temple of heaven, from the East Gate, North Gate of 500 meters, subway tiantan dongmen station 500 meters, very convenient. hotel services are good, because a room next to the room only public toilet, so the hotel had to raise my level, spacious rooms, many thanks, preferred this next time.
  • fsfsdf
    Leave quietly around very close to the venue, facilities and health, is a little old, especially bathroom, caged, overall good
  • asdcpo
    Good breakfast very well ask whether you need cleaning
  • eowyn_yang
    Convenience, you can also
  • tangjoy
    Convenient ... Very quiet at night, service was good, had lived several times, feel like this time than the previous hotel, this hotel next time.
  • jijileng
    Very good location, from Beijing's Temple of heaven Park (East Gate), Hong Qiao market, National Sports Council in close proximity, the transportation is convenient, have come here to vacation, business travel and the best stay.
  • ensonlee
    Convenient, nice places to eat around, nice place
  • lilina_feng
    Hotel service very good, not very far from Tiananmen Square or the National Palace Museum, a few stops to the, is the traffic is very convenient, nice hotel.
  • sunbirds
    The location was excellent, convenient neighbor line Line 5 East Gate of Temple of heaven Park, surrounded by shopping malls, eating and drinking, the only downside is the special room is too small.
  • malin
    Location and transport facilities, close to tourist attractions, clean, dining easy. but some of the issues often crashed, staff is actively addressed. overall it's not bad.
  • aladdin_lan
    Overall very satisfied with, location is very good. the price is quite high, the only problem is, there is flavor, don't know tidal, smoke, or something. rest is good! service was excellent!
  • andrew_gyf
    Which is very nice
  • lulingling123
  • Apine
    Health, lovely, near from the Metro. travel option
  • dmyt6619
    Hotel water noise in particular, building good, room is small, health line, close to nothing good, and no large shopping malls supermarkets, in short, not very convenient!
  • avaly
    Room was good, health facilities are quite good, the restroom is small, but can also be ... overall good impression
  • ppp_1227
    Bosses like it here, in line with foreign taste, service good, recommended
  • jiang_li_d
    So so