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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
гостиница пекин (Beijing Jun'an Hotel), отель расположен во втором кольцах к югу от пекина, рядом с парком « храм неба» (восточные ворота), рынком красного моста, государственным спортивным управлением, удобный для движения.номер небольшой, но не уютный. в номере есть все необходимое, есть все необходимое.в гостинице есть четыре больших и малых конференц - зала, большой конференц - зал и многофункциональный зал, где можно проводить банкет и развлекательные мероприятия.небольшой конференц - зал, чистый и яркий, может принять от 20 до 40 человек, соответственно, небольшой и малый конференц - зал, идеальное место для проведения в пекине.министерство общественного питания в гостинице предлагает разнообразные блюда из сычуаньской кухни, Лу и гуандунской кухни.хорошая кухня, уникальный вкус, аккуратная обработка, цена рациональна.в изысканном купе есть караоке, чтобы вы наслаждались вкусным, но и расслабиться.Кроме того, для удобства вашего бизнеса и жизни в гостинице есть отдел товаров, авиабилеты, туристические агентства, парикмахерская, однодневная экскурсия в пекин и другие услуги, вы приезжаете в пекин отдыхать, бизнес - путешествие на хорошее место жительства.
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  • paula_mm
    Hotel old upstairs water ringing sound particularly large, affect sleep. environment in General, no major supermarket. the choice of places to eat nearby is little, big bowl not bad
  • idealism
    Very clean room corridor did not smell ever staying at other hotels to the damp smell, the service was excellent! most important around meals so convenient, it is suitable for family family fun friends! great!
  • gogobbff
    First to said of is hotel of service, absolute said have Shang is service. on guest is intimate, is patience, encountered problem not shirk responsibility but active of solution, this is satisfaction! hotel of health also is clean, service personnel daily are clean of is detailed. room decoration should is compared early of that, but bathroom of ware should is replaced had soon, compared new. bed products is white of, is live of room door may is with of too long has, not too good close, if shop in hasDecoration plans words, can consider first for for door. location on in Temple of heaven East of opposite alley in, away from Metro Line 5 line is near. bus also is convenient. around dinner is convenient, gokokuji snacks, Meizhou snacks, Pizza Hut, celebrates Feng bun, big bowl home. personal compared like meeting XING home of snacks, also has Daoxiang village. next also has a jewelry city and HongQiao market, buy points jewelry, small piecemeal of is good! anyway, absolute worth! worth recommended!
  • Joybabi
    Help old hotels, traffic convenient, eat a lot, is very good.
  • bigbirdbo
    Nice, very close to the snack bar, dad said to live comfortable than Wangfujing
  • vernet
    Really good
  • edao18ran
    Overall feel can also be, that is, from near the Temple of heaven
  • wiinsaa0208
    Hotel is well located, close to the Metro, the transportation is very convenient. around eating, shopping is very convenient ... hotel facilities, rooms are clean and new equipment, warm service. hotel accommodation with free parking and security do a good job. it is worth staying at!
  • gary NG
    Well ... ...
  • maggie_19c
    Good service good location and convenient transportation location
  • csbya2001
    Very clean room corridor did not smell ever staying at other hotels to the damp smell, the service was excellent! most importantly around meals so convenient, it is suitable for family family fun friends! great, next time you come to Beijing live!
  • csbya2001
    Good location, traffic doors, room 1
  • candy1975
    Nice is the bathroom is too small
  • dancinwind
    All right
  • bestyuan
    Hotel is nice, convenient, clean and tidy. recommendation
  • stan091028
    Too general
  • e00111145
    Who lives in chongwenmen, Junan location nice hotel nearby, State-run guest house, is safer than hanting speed eight to deal such as a home. hotel stands easy to eat downstairs, near Line 5 line tiantan East Gate Station, HongQiao buses at the door, the room is spacious, and health this price it very well, is some aging facilities.
  • boss999
    Satisfaction, live well
  • bjwaterplayer
    Hotel bad, poor facilities,
  • dearlily8427
    Hotel Services good health can also
  • frauliu
    Hotel price does is high. by at location is good, distance Metro Line 5 line Temple of heaven East entrance and Line 7 line magnetic device mouth entrance about 600 meters distance very near; around snack bar special more, big bowl home on in opposite, celebrates Feng bun 200 meters, Lanzhou beef ramen 200 meters, gokokuji snacks 120 meters, KFC 150 meters, Hong Qiao market jewelry market on in near 120 meters, distance Temple of heaven Park 500 meters; Beijing natural museum on in Temple of heaven near,Advance reservation is required.
  • Aliger
    Location nice hotel, good location very convenient, surrounded by delicious, in the Centre of Beijing area to have such a price is good ... recommended!
  • allen003
    1, good hotel, the distance is close to the Temple of heaven Park. 2\ more convenient transportation, Metro line Line 5.3\ hotel front desk attitude better. 4\ poor hotel facilities, especially toilets is not only too small, and Yu washing equipment is poor, not only in the rare three-star hotel in Beijing, and three-star in the country, is also rare.
  • Paulo weight loss
    Environment is very good, near from the Metro station, only drawback is poorly equipped.
  • m03015141
    The environment is good, live very comfortable
  • aladdin_lan
    Overall very satisfied with, location is very good. the price is quite high, the only problem is, there is flavor, don't know tidal, smoke, or something. rest is good! service was excellent!
  • bamiluo
    Nice hotel, good hotel location, very close to the Temple of heaven, traffic is very convenient.
  • Automan
    Good health, complete facilities, service is always someone at the front desk, service time! nice, very satisfying.
  • C8286D
    The environment was quiet, tiantan East Metro station is 5 minutes away from walking! more convenient, go to the Temple of heaven, a few minutes away-
  • MeganLu
    Really good
  • liuxuewen6666
    Hotel is a bit old, service OK, Inn.
  • eddie_alex
    That's no problem
  • e00143862
    Decoration is good, is a little old, just entered the room there was a damp smell. bedding is clean, but not 2 meters, easy sleeping foot out. service attitude is good. location. prices cheap night!
  • e01212355
    A bit dated, outside lights, a bit noisy
  • ensonlee
    Convenient, nice places to eat around, nice place
  • didi0726
    Really good
  • song_l
    Live in a two room Triple change, a bit crowded, good health, good location, near the food court, easy to eat, from the Line 5 subway 5-10 minutes, from the Temple of heaven is near. quiet, more than two days to more than 900
  • longbear
    The hotel is quiet, around the dining more and better services.
  • b8411301
    Good location, the health service was good, the price is a little high.
  • e04481837
    Well, for the first time in Beijing
  • g14354
    Praise good
  • ffyanff
    Conveniently, most recently the 5th Metro tiantan dongmen station a walk for three or four minutes, the 7th metro from Beijing West station ciqikou station about 10 minutes, easy to eat, qingfeng buns downstairs shop, sipping feeding sipping feeding hot pot, hotel service is good
  • e00052575
    Facility is really lagging behind a bit, mosquitoes, other are good.
  • janemes
    Very good, convenient, very good.
  • susan105
    It's not bad
  • liiyee
    The room's too small
  • jiongangel
    Nice easy to surrounding attractions, very good!
  • jiyijia82
    Good service, convenient
  • bigfatblue
    Hotel location was good, breakfast was good
  • benlee_ln
    Hotel facilities and service attitude is good, the prices are too expensive