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Country garden banquet reached a strategic cooperation with Beijing hotel group Open the extreme 'China service'

Date: 2018-03-16

On March 14, country garden hotel groups and famous high-end catering brand - "feast" in Beijing signed a strategic cooperation agreement, country garden hotel group officially joined the Beijing banquet led the establishment of "China service learning alliance", the two sides will have in-depth cooperation on food and beverage business, country garden's country garden phoenix hotel Chinese restaurant will introduce Beijing banquet acclaimed affection and personalized "China service", bring best service experience for consumers.
In country garden hotel group vice President JiHongJun, zhao will be strong, and the first batch of pilot hotel leadership, under the witness of country garden hotel group President LLLDD and feast, chairman of Beijing Yang Xiulong respectively signed on behalf of both parties.Signing ceremony, both sides said the future hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder in building on the "China service" actively explore and forge temperature catering business model, realize win-win, promote the benign development of the catering industry.

Beijing banquet was founded in 2012, with fine environment, high quality product and service in China, in the competitive restaurant industry sets up the good word of mouth and distinctive brand image, consumer and market, its pioneering "for every customer to create wonderful memories and can spread the story of" the service mode and build the brand concept of "China service" brought within the restaurant industry for its high reputation.

Are set up in Beijing banquet is clear at the beginning of the development direction, i.e., the China party culture to create a first-class brand, create Beijing feast the family home and culture, establish a science and art of management mode, incubation base of China's service talents.Banquet food is given priority to with cantonese food, Beijing, on the other hand, take long for innovative research and development of major cuisine, formed with characteristic of Beijing feast "innovative Chinese food", "taste" as the core, focusing on the "a".Its corporate positioning and business philosophy and country garden hotel group, became the basis of both sides to cooperate.

As origin, shunde, guangdong enterprises take root in Chinese country garden hotel group catering nearly 20 years, with profound cantonese culture and mature team of chefs, and in the perfection of "warm smile" service concept under the guidance of, and formed a perfect service system and stable group of customers, including restaurant "phoenix" many local people become the first choice for family gatherings, business banquets.The country garden hotel group in Beijing banquet, aims to further strengthen market advantage, with the introduction of Beijing banquet mature personalized service mode, enhancing the added value of the products and services, to strengthen the brand image, realize the iterative upgrade service and brand.

Future feast to Beijing by combing measures such as business training, management mode, to assist the country garden phoenix hotel porch Chinese restaurant on the basis of standardization, standardization, sequencing, further strengthen the family, the personalized service, especially for family banquet services, further improving the customer experience, wholeheartedly for the customer to create beautiful and unforgettable memories, gradually formed a differentiated brand advantage.It is reported, the first to introduce feast pattern of country garden hotel Beijing will launch in the second quarter of this year began to fall to the ground.

About country garden hotel group

Country garden hotel group, Forbes world 300 strong enterprises, country garden group hotel management company, the domestic comprehensive strength strong international hotel management group, owns, including country garden phoenix hotel, hotel has opened 69, total more than 20000 rooms, covering guangdong, guangxi, hunan, hubei, anhui, jiangsu, shandong, liaoning, Inner Mongolia, hainan, Beijing, tianjin, chongqing and other provinces and cities.As the country garden group in global real estate layout, country garden hotel group will also expand the landscape development, take "warm smile, perfect service" to the world.